Thursday, January 02, 2020

All Gospels of the Year with Music for the Dominican Rite

I am pleased to announce that Dominican Liturgy Publications has just released the Evangelarium O.P.. This volume contains all the Mass Gospels of the year for the Temporal and Sanctoral cycles of the Dominican Rite. Each Latin Gospel is set to the traditional Dominican tone. The volume also includes all the Common Gospels and those for all Ritual and Votive Masses.

The volume is large, hard-bound, and suitable for use by the deacon at Dominican Rite Solemn Masses. A companion volume containing all the Epistles of the year for use by the subdeacon is in preparation. Until it appears one can use the previously published  Cantus Lectionum Missarum, but be aware that it only has Epistles for Sundays and major feasts.

Here is a sample page, the Gospel for Gaudete Sunday.

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