Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dominican Rite Ordo for A.D. 2020 Now Available

I am delighted to announce that the Dominican Rite Ordo for use with the Breviary is now available on the left sidebar of Dominican Liturgy Publications or directly here.

This Ordo is in English, and is intended for use by anyone who prays the 1962 Dominican Rite Breviary or the 1967 English translation of that Breviary. It includes a complete calendar for the Dominican Rite liturgical year 2020.

In addition, it includes the collect prayers for the Dominican Blesseds who are not on the calendar (so that a votive commemoration can be made of their feast), obits of the deceased Masters General, and announcements of days when Dominican Tertiaries (Lay Dominicans) can obtain plenary indulgences.

Finally, it contains an English translation of the Office of Prime, which was omitted from the 1967 English translation of the Dominican Breviary.

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