Friday, December 06, 2019

New SoundCloud Page for Audio of Dr Kwasniewski’s Lectures and Interviews

For a number of years, readers have been asking me to make available video and audio files of my lectures and interviews. This is indeed something I have wanted to do, but there are two limitations: one is my technological ineptitude, and the other is the need for planning in advance to have recordings made at events, which doesn’t always happen.

Nevertheless, over the past couple of years, a good many such recordings have in fact been made, so I finally created a dedicated SoundCloud page on to which most of them have now been uploaded (and more will be added). Below, I have listed the content currently available. I encourage you to explore and to recommend the site to others who appreciate audio content. All of the files are freely downloadable.

In no particular chronological or topical order:

“Beyond Smells and Bells: Why We Need the Objective Content of the Usus Antiquior” (Minneapolis lecture, November 13, 2019)

“What Happened in the Liturgical Reform? And Why Does It Matter?” (OnePeterFive Podcast, June 2017)

“The Growing Popularity of the Latin Mass — and Troubles People Have With It” (Interview on Laymentality, November 23, 2019)

“Gregorian Chant: Exemplary Music for the Catholic Liturgy” (Sacred Liturgy Conference, Spokane, WA, May 29, 2019)

“Against Memoricide: The Importance of Preserving Liturgical Tradition” (given under the title “Dew, Tears, and Torrents: The Living Waters of Tradition,” Sacred Liturgy Conference, Spokane, WA, May 30, 2019)

“Why Catholics Must Take Culture and the Fine Arts Seriously” (Campion College, Toongabbie, Australia, April 5, 2019)

“A Short Interview on Beauty and the Art of Music” (The After Dinner Scholar, 2017)

“‘From the East to the West’: A Defense of Ad Orientem Worship” (Maternal Heart of Mary, Sydney, Australia, April 6, 2019)

“The Sacred Liturgy and the Ecstatic Orientation of Man” (Silverstream lecture, July 28, 2016)

“The Roman Canon: Touchstone of Divine Faith, Foundation of Immovable Rock” (Maternal Heart of Mary, Sydney, Australia, April 7, 2019)

“Problems and Prospects for Recovering Traditional Catholicism” (Q&A Session, Oxford, UK, October 26, 2018)

“Liturgical Obedience, the Imitation of Christ, and the Seductions of Autonomy” (Silverstream lecture, July 18, 2017)

“From the Liturgical Movement to Vatican II to the Novus Ordo” (Interview with Steve Koob, One More Soul radio program, August 2017)

“Replying to the Arguments of Modern Liturgists” (Interview with Hrvoje Juko in Norcia, Italy, July 2017)

“What’s Wrong with the New Lectionary? Why Is the Old One Better?” (Interview with Br. Andre Marie, Reconquest Episode 196, September 18, 2019)

“A Theological Review of the Amazon Synod” (Lecture at Regina Caeli, Houston, November 24, 2019)

“Question & Answer Session in Vancouver” (November 12, 2016)

“Have We Gone Liturgically Insane?” (Interview with Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J., September 4, 2019, for The Catholic Current on The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network)

“The Words of Our Lady and the Spirit of The Liturgy” (Lecture for the Vancouver Latin Mass Society Annual General Meeting, November 12, 2016)

“Does Today’s Communion in the Hand Really Revive an Ancient Custom?” (Fr. Z podcast, November 27, 2019)

“‘Death by Verbosity’: How the Novus Ordo Drowns Us in Words” (Fr. Z podcast)

“Explaining and Defending Worship Ad Orientem” (Interview with Br. Andre Marie, Reconquest Episode 156, December 5, 2018)

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For those who prefer video, a number of items can be found on YouTube, posted by various people and organizations; my personal YouTube channel is more heavily tilted towards sacred music, but it does have both the recent lecture on the Amazon Synod and the Minneapolis lecture listed above.

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