Wednesday, August 07, 2019

A Dominican Rite First Mass in Australia

This past Sunday, which was the feast of St Dominic on the calendar of the Extraordinary Form, Fr Antoninus Samy, a newly ordained priest of the Order of Preachers, celebrated his first Mass at the Parish of Bl. John Henry Newman in Melbourne, Australia, in the traditional Dominican Rite. His Excellency Bishop Peter Elliot, retired Auxiliary of Melbourne, attended the Mass in choir. Our congratulations to Fr Samy, to his family and friends, and to the Dominican Order - ad multos annos! Here are some photos of the Mass, courtesy of the parish via their Facebook page.

The Dominican manner of lining up for the introit; apparels semm to be making a big comeback Down Under!
The Gloria in excelsis.
The subdeacon sings the Epistle from a lectern.
The celebrant reads the Gradual and Alleluia at the seat from the Missal held by an acolyte; when the major ministers are together in the Dominican Rite, they are always placed in hierarchical order, rather than to either side of the priest.
The Gospel; the same lectern used for the Epistle is moved for the singing of the Gospel, and on the more solemn feasts, the processional cross is held in front of it.
At the Preface Dialog.
The incensation of the major and minor ministers.
The subdeacon gives the peace to Bishop Elliot with a reliquary of St Dominic.
The Last Gospel
First Blessings
The previous day, which was his parents 50th wedding anniversary, Fr Samy celebrated a Votive Mass of the Virgin Mary in the Dominican Rite. In this photo, we see the most beautiful medieval custom, common to almost all Uses of the Roman Rite except that of Rome itself, by which the priest stretches out his arms in the form of a Cross during the Unde et memores.
 Fr Samy blesses his parents for the anniversary.

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