Saturday, August 10, 2019

Photopost Catch-up: August 2019

We are always glad to receive photos of your liturgies, even when we haven’t specifically asked for them for a major feast. Here are three sets from various events: Masses of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, a green Sunday celebrated in a Pugin church, and St John-Marie Vianney. We also have a few amices from our friends Fr Jeffery Keyes and the Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa.

São João Del Rei – Minas Gerais, Brazil
Solemn Mass of Our Lady of Carmel, celebrated by His Excellency José Eudes, bishop of São João Del Rei.
St Augustine’s Church – Ramsgate, Kent, England
Mass of the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost on July 21st; this church was built by Augustus Pugin next to his own home, very close to the site where St Augustine of Canterbury first arrived in England in 597AD. A 360⁰ tour of the church can be seen at this website:
Holy Angels Church – Sidney, Ohio
With permission granted of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, the church observed the feast of St John Vianney in the ordinary form on Sunday, August 4, followed by a procession around the church grounds with the first class relic of St John Vianney, and afterwards, individual blessings and veneration of the relic.
The church also regularly keeps St John’s feast with a Mass in the Extraordinary Form on the appropriate day, August 8th; here are two photos of last year’s Mass.
Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa - Santa Rosa, California
As we have noted on some other occasions, the sister sacristans make these designs with the amice ties when laying out the vestments for their chaplain, Fr Jeffrey Keyes, who very kindly sends us these photos. The first of these is a pall hand-embroideered by one of the sisters with the letters SJ for Saint Joseph.
May 17 - St Paschal Baylon, Patron Saint of Eucharistic Congresses
May 20th - St Bernardine of Siena, the great promoter of devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus
July 13 - Saturday Votive Mass of the Virgin Mary
July 17th - Votive Mass of St Joseph
July 22nd - “MM” for St Mary Magdalene
And a grill for St Lawrence - happy feast day!

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