Saturday, June 15, 2019

Please Pray for Polish Priest Attacked on Monday

Many of our readers will have seen in recent days that Fr Ireneusz Bakalarczyk, a priest of the diocese of Wrocław, Poland, was stabbed this past Monday morning while entering his church to celebrate Mass. He was wounded in the chest and abdomen, but from all reports, it appears that he is in stable condition. A reader from Poland wrote in to say the assailant, who was caught and arrested, claimed that he was seeking justice for victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by the clergy. I did not realize when I was preparing the Pentecost photopost that went up yesterday that he was the celebrant of the Mass seen in the first set of photos, at the very same church, Our Lady ‘on the Sand’ in Wrocław. Please pray for Fr Bakalarczyk’s speedy and complete recovery; and likewise, pray for all the good members of the clergy who may be made to suffer unjustly because the sins of others.

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