Thursday, June 27, 2019

Corpus Christi 2019 Photopost (Part 2)

The second Corpus Christi photopost of this year includes photos from one church which reinstituted the procession, and another which held it for the first time in its history - Deo gratias! We also have an American church which makes carpets with religious designs in them to cover the processional route, similar to those we saw the other day from Assisi. Several churches are doing the procession with Benediction at altars set up along the processional route, another excellent sign of how this ceremony is seeing a real renaissance.

We are happy to accept more submissions, ( since there will certainly be at least two more posts in this series, and as always, we are profoundly grateful to everyone who sent these in.

Sacred Heart – Clifton, New Jersey
The parish re-introduced the Corpus Christi procession this year, with hymns sung in Latin, English and Spanish.
Holy Martyrs Catholic Church – Tarentum, Pennsylvania
Since 1943, the parish has had the traditional of decorating the route of the Corpus Christi procession with carpets of dyed sawdust, with religious images of various kinds.
Mater Ecclesiae – Berlin, New Jersey
St Mary’s Parish – Kalamazoo, Michigan
Cathedral of St Stephen – Brisbane, Australia
Holy Spirit Mission – New Washoe City, Nevada
St Catherine of Siena – Trumbull, Connecticut
The newly restored parish held its first ever Corpus Christi procession; it’s very good to see that they started of with such a beautiful canopy!
Maternal Heart of Mary – Lewisham, Sydney, Australia 
St Luke – Indianapolis, Indiana

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