Friday, June 07, 2019

Photopost Request: Pentecost 2019

Our next major photopost will be for Pentecost; please send your photos to for inclusion. As always, we are glad to receive images of celebrations in both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Form, including the Vigil, as well as any of the Eastern rites, the Ordinariate Use, Vespers and other parts of the Office, and Confirmations. Please be sure to include the name and location of the church, and feel free to add any other information you think important. Evangelize through beauty!

From our first Pentecost photopost of last year: the blessing of the font during the vigil at the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary ‘on the Sand’ (Beatae Mariae Virginis in Arena) in Wrocław, Poland.
From the second post: a newly ordained priest celebrates his first Mass on Pentecost Sunday at the Oratory of St Philip Neri in Birmingham, England.
From the third post: the famous Confirmation slap at the church of the Holy Innocents in New York City.

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