Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Corpus Christi 2019 Photopost (Part 1)

We have received many beautiful photos of your Corpus Christi celebrations, and so begins the painful process of making a selection among them. In order to share as many as possible (within reason), we will have slightly fewer churches than usual per post, and more photos per church. In the meantime, we are very glad to accept more (; as it stands now, we will definitely have at least two more posts in this series, probably three. Evangelize though beauty!

Our first two sets come from our friends of the Fraternity of St Joseph the Guardian, based in the diocese of Fréjus-Toulon.

Chapel of St Francis de Paul - Bourmes les Mimosas, France
Mass and Procession on the traditional date of Corpus Christi, the Thursday after Trinity Sunday
Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary - La Londe Les Maures, France
Mass and Procession on the external solemnity 
St Joseph - Tacoma, Washington (FSSP)
Chavagnes International College - Chavagnes-en-Paillers, France
Following the Mass, the staff and students of Chavagnes processed with the from the college chapel to the Calvary on the grounds, from there to St Joseph’s Chapel, and finally held Benediction in the Baudouin Chapel.
 Tunicled acolytes!
St Philip’s Priory - Chelmsford, Essex, England (Premonstratensians)
St Mary’s Parish - Providence, Rhode Island (FSSP)
St Mary ’s Oratory - Wausau, Wisconsin (ICKSP)
Our Lady of Mt Carmel Pontifical Shrine - New York City

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