Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Meeting of the Lord Celebrated in L’viv

On the Julian Calendar, yesterday was the feast of the Meeting of the Lord, as the Presentation of Christ is called in the Byzantine Rite. As one final photopost for the feast, here are some images and video of the celebration at the parish of the Annunciation to the Mother of God in L’viv, Ukraine, which was sung by the Kliros choir. Great Vespers with Litiya started at 11 pm, followed by an break for agape, then Matins and Divine Liturgy, ending at 5 am.

Part of the singing of Psalm 103 at the beginning of Vespers; more videos are available at the parish’s website.

Here we can see the loaves of bread prepared for the blessing at litiya. These are the cut up and distributed to those present at the end of Vespers.
A reader chants the six Psalms at the beginning of Matins.
The Entrance with the Gospel book (and Marian blue!)
A subdeacon sings the Epistle at the Divine Liturgy. (It is not mandatory that a subdeacon do this, as it is in the traditional Roman Rite.)
The Gospel
At the Cherubic hymn

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