Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Corpus Christi Watershed’s Fourth Sacred Music Symposium, June 24-28

Corpus Christi Watershed is pleased to announce that its Fourth Sacred Music Symposium will take place in Los Angeles from June 24-28; this year’s event is designed especially for (but certainly not limited to) choir directors and dedicated parish singers, those who sing at either form of the Roman Rite, Ordinary or Extraordinary.

The theme is “Hymnody and your volunteer choir”; participants will learn clever ways Catholic hymns can be sung during the sacred liturgy, as well as different compositional techniques for hymns. They will also sing for the first Mass of a newly-ordained FSSP priest, which will take place on the evening of Thursday, June 27; the setting will be Palestrina’s Missa Jam Christus, which is based on a famous hymn tune, and the Agnus Dei will be the exquisite Mille Regretz (6-voice) by Fr Cristóbal de Morales. Participants will also sing at Solemn Vespers with His Excellency, Bishop Joseph V. Brennan, including a polyphonic setting of the Magnificat by Francisco Guerrero.

(From last year’s symposium: Dr. Horst Buchholz conducts Kevin Allen’s Agnus Dei)

The Symposium offers
  • Opportunity to sing under the baton of leading conductors
  • Opportunity for private study (composition) with world-renowned composer Kevin Allen
  • Opportunity for private study (conducting) with Dr. Calabrese, protégé of Robert Shaw
  • Hands-on Training for multi-track rehearsal videos, such as those on CCWatershed
  • Fascinating seminar on counterpoint and hymn voice-leading
  • Gregorian Chant “Crash Course”—how to implement it without getting fired!
  • Magnificent choral piece with a text by Cardinal Newman (soon-to-be canonized)
  • Sung Vespers every night
  • Survival tips, repertoire ideas, and encouragement for succeeding in what is without question a very challenging vocation.
The Symposium draws upon the expertise of leading conductors and composers in the field of sacred music to inspire, challenge, and encourage those who provide music for Holy Mass, and not just as a theoretical exercise—participants will also learn practical tips for running volunteer choirs and introducing sacred music at their parishes. Advanced musicians and choral directors will have the opportunity to study conducting with Dr Alfred Calabrese and composition under Mr Kevin Allen.

Registration is now open; to obtain an application, send an email to dom.mocquereau@gmail.com. The entire cost of the Symposium—which includes deposit, conference fee, and meal plan—is just $275. We call it the “everything fee.” Please submit your application no later than 31 March 2019. Participants should plan on arriving in Los Angeles on Sunday night or Monday morning; the Symposium begins Monday evening, June 24. See the tentative schedule here: http://www.ccwatershed.org/schedule-2019/ 

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