Friday, December 21, 2018

Gaudete Sunday and Rorate Mass Photopost 2018 (Part 2)

We continue with your photos of Gaudete Sunday liturgies and Rorate Masses, which are still coming in! Yesterday’s post was mostly the latter, today, we have several more rose-colored vestments. There will be another of these, so once again, if you sent photos in and don’t see them here, they will be included in the next one. Thank you all once again!

St Francis de Sales - Benedict, Maryland
Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12
St Lucy, December 13
Gaudete Sunday
Cathedral of St Paul - Birmingham, Alabama
Rorate Mass celebrated by the rector of the cathedral, Fr Bryan Jerabek, which seems to be the first ever in Birmingham. The photo of the elevation shows nicely how the sun was beginning to rise as the Mass proceeded. (Courtesy of Mary Dillard.)
St Therese of Lisieux Church, Belfast, Northern Ireland
St Mary’s Parish - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Ordinary Form
Extraordinary Form
Prince of Peace - Taylors, South Carolina
This church customarily celebrates the churching of recent mothers on Gaudete Sunday.
St Mary, Star of the Sea - Jackson, Michigan
National Shrine of St Alphonsus - Baltimore, Maryland
Photos by Amy Proctor (
St Peter - Steubenville, Ohio
Photo by Allison Girone
St Patrick - New Orleans, Louisiana
St Joan of Arc - Oberlin, Louisiana
St Martin of Tours - Louisville, Kentucky
Rorate Mass celebrated by the Personal Ordinariate Community of Our Lady and St John
Oratory of Ss Gregory and Augustine - St Louis, Missouri

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