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A Complete Listing of Os Justi Reprints: Theological, Catechetical, Devotional, Literary

Over the past couple of years at NLM, I’ve occasionally posted announcements of old classics that I’ve reprinted under the umbrella of Os Justi Press. These reprints are done through CreateSpace, which yields good quality and allows for low prices. Until recently, Os Justi Press did not have its own website. In fact, it still doesn’t; but at least now it has a dedicated page at my new personal website, where all titles are listed by category and hyperlinked to Amazon. Many titles also say more about the content of the book or point to where such information may be found. Since most of the books are germane to considerations taken up here at NLM, I wanted to alert readers to the new Os Justi page, as well as to list below all of the currently available reprints.

Note to retailers or booksellers: Please email me to discuss discounts for bookstores, parishes, reading groups, etc.


The Mass: A Liturgical Commentary (2 vols.). Canon A. Croegaert. Trans. J. Holland Smith. Vol. 1: The Mass of the Catechumens (x + 251 pp. $17.95); Vol. 2: The Mass of the Faithful (x + 311 pp. $18.95).

The Breviary Explained. Rev. Pius Parsch. Trans. William Nayden and Carl Hoegerl. First published in 1952 by Herder in St. Louis. Paperback, viii + 459 pp. $19.95.

A Manual of Catholic Theology, Based on Scheeben’s “Dogmatik.” Joseph Wilhelm, D.D., Ph.D., and Thomas B. Scannell, B.D., with a Preface by Henry Edward Cardinal Manning. Volume I: The Sources of Theological Knowledge; God; Creation and the Supernatural Order (508 pp. $24.95); Volume II: The Fall; Redemption; Grace; The Church and the Sacraments; The Last Things (566 pp. $29.95).

Nature and Grace. Matthias Scheeben. Trans. Cyril Vollert, S.J. 386 pp. $18.95.

St. Thomas Aquinas: Papers from the 1924 Summer School of Catholic Studies at Cambridge. Ed. Cuthbert Lattey. xii + 311 pp. $19.95.

The Incarnation: Papers from the 1925 Summer School of Catholic Studies at Cambridge. Ed. Cuthbert Lattey. xviii + 261 pp. $18.95.

God: His Knowability, Essence, and Attributes. Msgr. Joseph Pohle. 486pp. $19.95.

The Author of Nature and the Supernatural: Creation, Anthropology, and Angelology. Msgr. Joseph Pohle. 372 pp. $17.95.


God in Me: Sanctifying Grace or the Mystery of God’s Life in Us. Rev. Matthew Swizdor. 160 pp. $12.79.

Sacred Signs. Romano Guardini. 58p. $7.00. [Newly typeset.]

The Life of Worship: Grace, Prayer, Sacraments, and the Sacred Liturgy. By a Seminary Professor. Originally published in French in 1895; this English version from 1920. xvi + 814 pp. $29.95.

Pageant of the Popes. John Farrow. $18.85.


Vocations. Fr. William Doyle, SJ. First published in 1913. vi + 48. Paperback, $7.00.

A Missal for Young Catholics. Peter Kwasniewski. 64 pp. $12.49 at Amazon; $18.87 at Lulu. The sole difference between these two is that Lulu’s features a thicker, glossier paper.

The Sacrifice of the Mass Worthily Celebrated. Rev. Pierre Chaignon, SJ. Trans. Most Rev. Louis de Goesbriand. With a preface and meditation aids by Dom Bede Babo, OSB. New York: Benziger Brothers, 1951. Repr. Os Justi Press, 2018. x + 214 pp. Paperback, $14.95.

Cantus Mariales. Ed. Dom Joseph Pothier. (The same with an alternative cover design here) 160 pp. $24.95. A color facsimile of the 1903 exemplar.

The True Vine and Its Branches. Rev. Edward Leen, S.J. 280 pp. $17.95.

Selections from “The Little Flowers of St. Francis.” Illustrated by Maximilian Liebenwein, 1921. Full color. Hardcover $29.95; paperback $14.95.


The King’s Achievement. Robert Hugh Benson. xiv + 368 pp. $16.95.

By What Authority? Robert Hugh Benson. x + 372 pp. $16.95.

Anthology of Catholic Poets: 200 Years of Catholic English PoetryEd. Joyce Kilmer. 422 pp. $18.49.

The Catholic Anthology: The World’s Great Catholic PoetryEd. Thomas Walsh. 602 pp. $25.95.

Latin in the Church: The History of Its Pronunciation. F. Brittain. 98 pp. Last edition 1954. $9.95.

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