Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Books for Sale/1: Latin Ordinary Form [UPDATED]

Update as of 1/9/15: The books in this batch have been SOLD. (I will leave the rest of this post as it stands, because it is interesting to be able to see these books from the point of view of liturgical history and the art of the book.)
As Shawn Tribe used to do in the old days, I will be putting up for sale a number of books from my liturgical library. If you would like more details on any of the items or more photographs, please feel free to contact me using the email address given in the side bar. The 20th-century books are generally in excellent condition, with tight bindings, no physical damage to the covers, and no markings on the inside, except for the usual signature or bookplate in the front.

Starting off today with some extremely hard-to-come-by books for the Ordinary Form, I will post the books for sale in four batches:
(1) Latin Ordinary Form books;
(2) Roman Breviaries for the usus antiquior;
(3) Solesmes books;
(4) Cistercian books.

Missale Romanum cum Lectionibus (1977 printing), 4 volumes

These books (a complete scan of which was made available, with my permission, by Jeffrey Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed, here) contain the entire Pauline Order of Mass and new Lectionary, all in Latin. These books have long been out of print. $200 or best offer.

Liturgia Horarum (1972 printing)
Something similar might be said about this four-volume Latin edition of the Pauline Liturgy of the Hours -- namely, that it's nearly impossible to get it anymore, and certainly not of the quality of the books from this period, with raised bands on the spines, soft leather covers, thick burgundy end papers, and red and black printing throughout. Comes with inserts as displayed. Also $200 obo.

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