Saturday, January 10, 2015

Books for Sale/4: Cistercian Books [UPDATED]

Update as of 1/14/15 -- Both Cistercian Graduals have sold, and the 1956 Laudes Vespertinae. The 1939 Laudes Vespertinae (2 copies), the Processionale, and the Supplementum are still available.

In the last batch, I am offering some exquisite old Cistercian books. These are my favorites, from the perspective of the art of the book. Here are a few, seen from the side. As before, contact me at my email address given next to my picture in the side bar.

Graduale Cisterciense (1934)

$200 or best offer, plus shipping. (I have two copies of this, virtually identical.)

Laudes Vespertinae (1939)

$90 or best offer + shipping. I have two identical copies of this 1939 volume. Both are lightly marked up occasionally in pencil -- a cantor marking the ictus, adding some rhythmic signs, and indicating starting pitches. If someone would like both copies, propose a price for both.

Laudes Vespertinae (1956)

Fundamentally the same content as the previous, but a different printing, with one of my favorite touches -- red lines for the chants!  $90 or best offer + shipping.

Processionale Cisterciense (1946)

Why don't publishers use end papers like this any more?  $100 or best offer + shipping. (I have two copies of the Processionale, but the second one isn't as fancy as the first, so the price can be lower.)

Supplementum (no date)

Then there is a supplement volume for the Cistercian antiphonary. I have no idea how useful this might be to anyone out there, so please contact me if you are interested.

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