Friday, January 09, 2015

Books for Sale/3: Solesmes Books [UPDATED]

Update as of 1/14/15: All books in this batch have been SOLD.  (I will leave the rest of this post as it stands, because it is interesting to be able to see these books from the point of view of liturgical history and the art of the book.)
Today's batch includes some rare Solesmes chant books. If interested, or to obtain more information, contact me at the email listed in the sidebar on the left.

Liber Antiphonarius (1891)
The oldest book in the batch. It's in decent shape for its almost 125 years of age, though I would be careful not to throw it across the room, even at someone who's not singing well. The binding has a few wormholes (no, not the astrophysics kind) and, like the classic Solesmes books, is filled with lovely line art. $100 or best offer, plus shipping.

Liber Usualis (1904) Here we have an early Solesmes edition, published in 1904, that, while printing the neumes in a way familiar to our eyes, utilizes a few note-shapes that were subsequently abandoned. One will notice parallels with certain more recent (post-conciliar) Solesmes editions. Also charming is the opening letter from Pope Leo XIII to Dom Paul Delatte. $85 obo + shipping.

Vesperale Romanum (1924)
This book represents, to me, a pinnacle of publishing artistry, with its elegant initials and simple but effective line art. Why can't all chant books be printed with this kind of loving attention to detail and beauty? In superb condition. $100 obo + shipping.

Psalterium Monasticum (1981)
This is a bit plain after all those beautiful old books, but still it's a handy volume for those who chant the psalms in Latin according to the Benedictine Office, or who wish to have a reference copy of the same. $25 + shipping (I have two copies of this for sale.)

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