Monday, June 10, 2013

More on Sacra Liturgia 2013

With the date of Sacra Liturgia quickly approaching (I'm excited to be speaking at this event), here is an interview with Dom Alcuin Reid in the Catholic World Report. 


 It’s now clearly up to us to build on the foundations Pope Benedict laid, to promote authentic liturgical renewal and sound scholarship as a basis for the life of the Church in the twenty-first century and beyond, to stand on our own feet as it were. Each of us, as Pope Benedict himself did in his turn, has a role to play in that renewal to a smaller or greater extent. We can’t expect the Pope to do everything! Clergy, religious, laity, and above all bishops, must take up the torch lit (or re-lit) by Benedict XVI and hand it on. Our conference seeks to facilitate that and encourage people in this work. Perhaps one could call Sacra Liturgia 2013 a “first step” in building the post-Benedict XVI liturgical movement. 
Some have seen Pope Francis’ apparently different liturgical tastes as a rebuke of his predecessor’s concern for the liturgy. This is superficial. To date the Holy Father has not spoken at length on this subject, but it is very difficult indeed to think that there could be substantial differences between them in such a fundamental theological and ecclesiological point as the nature and role of the Sacred Liturgy. I cannot see the Holy Father reversing any of the acts of his predecessor or discouraging ongoing authentic renewal in the liturgical life of the Church. We need to give Pope Francis the freedom to get on with what he judges are the best areas for his attention whilst continuing the liturgical movement given such great momentum by his predecessor.

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