Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Benedict XVI and the Roman Missal

This month the Four Courts Press will publish Benedict XVI and the Roman Missal, edited by Janet E. Rutherford and Monsignor James O’Brien. It is the proceedings of the Fourth Fota International Liturgy Conference and looks to be an excellent contribution.

What I find especially impressive is the integration here between liturgy and music of the liturgy. It really isn't possible to speak complete of one without a thorough consideration of other. Separating the two leads to problems and unnecessary tensions. The music problem really is a liturgical problem, and the answer to the issue of liturgy needs to concern itself with the musical issues.


D. Vincent Twomey: Verbum Domini: word and rite in Ratzinger’s sacramental theology
Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke: Ius Divinum and the sacred liturgy

Paul Gunter OSB: Sacerdos paratus and populo congregato: the historical development of the Roman Missal

Manfred Hauke: The ‘basic structure’ (Grundgestalt) of the eucharistic celebration according to Joseph Ratzinger

Dieter Böhler SJ: The Church’s Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper, Israel’s sacrifice: reflections on Pope Benedict’s axiom ‘Without its coherence with its Old Testament heritage, Christian liturgy simply cannot be understood’

Cassian Folsom OSB: The Roman Missal in Summorum pontificum

Sven Leo Conrad FSSP: Liturgy as ‘a transcending movement’ (J. Ratzinger): reflections on the form and theology of the opening rites in the Roman Missal

Lauren Pristas: The post-Vatican II revision of the Sunday collects of Paschaltide: an overview

William Mahrt: Music and the sacrality of the two forms

Janet E. Rutherford: The Anglican patrimony

Daniel B. Gallagher: What has language to do with beauty? The philosophical foundations of liturgical translations

Uwe Michael Lang CO: Translating the Missale Romanum: towards a sacral vernacular

George Cardinal Pell: Why a new translation of the Missal?

Arthur Serratelli: The new Roman Missal: a moment in the Church’s liturgical renewal

Helmut Hoping: The Ordo Missae of 1965: the Latin-German altar missal and liturgical renewal

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke: APPENDIX: Homily for Pontifical High Mass on the fourth Sunday after Pentecost 2011 (Romans 8:18–23; Luke 5:1–11)

Dr Janet E. Rutherford is Secretary of The Patristic Symposium, Maynooth. James O'Brien is an Official of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

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