Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NLM Quiz no.14: The Answer

In our quiz we showed you the following photos, which come from a cathedral treasury (more on that treasury in the next post for today):

The Answer: Those of you who answered that this is a form of ecclesiastical/liturgical headdress that was used in the Chinese missions called a “Jijin” were correct -- and that so many came up with this answer only demonstrates the breadth of NLM’s readership, including our readers from that part of the world.

Here is how that headdress was used (courtesy of Dieter Philippi; also see his second page on this here):

This was given papal approval, and was apparently adopted from the forms found in the Chinese imperial court. It is a classic example of traditional inculturation in action, having been so adopted because within Chinese culture, not having one’s head covered was a sign of “humiliation and scorn.”

The coveted award for the Most Creative Wildly Incorrect Answer goes to Tricia S., who suggested that it was a cover for the sanctuary candle used during the Triduum when the Blessed Sacrament was removed from the altar. (Not a terrible idea, actually!) Beronensis runs away with Best Humorous Answer for “Malagasy Baroque Pontifical tea-cozy.”

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