Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Treasury of the Cathedral of Le Puy en Velay, France

The Cathedral of Le Puy en Velay

One of our readers has very kindly notified us of, and has given us his permission to reprint the following photos which he took of vestments found in the treasury of the cathedral of Le Puy en Velay in France.

It was this same reader from whom came the photos of our recent quiz showing the "Jijin" used in the Chinese missions. Aside from that article, there are many other fine examples of liturgical textile arts within the treasury. Here are a few of them.

* * *

French, 17th century, depicting the crucifixion, the Virgin, St. John and St. Mary Magdalen

15th century chasuble of Italian silk with English orphreys

"Dalmatic from Monte Cassino", Spanish, 17th-18th century

French, 18th century

Spanish, 18th century

Detail from antependium, French, 17th century

Various mitres and a crozier; some of you might pick up on the interesting fact of what would appear to be a red mitre

And here again is the "Jijin" which we recently featured:

All photographs are copyright betma28

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