Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 Calendar Featuring Old Testament Typology

Over the years, we've spoken much about the importance of the Old Testament, biblical typology and so forth. In that regard, I was rather interested in the latest wall calendar (for 2013) which is being offered by the Eastern Orthodox publisher, Conciliar Press: Christ in the Old Testament.

Their $15.00 USD calendar includes various icons which "features icons depicting the work of Christ—seen, unseen, and foreshadowed—throughout the Old Testament" :

January—The Creation of Light.
February—The Creation of Animals and Man.
March—Noah and the Ark.
April—Melchizedek’s Offering to Abraham.
May—The Hospitality of Abraham.
June—Abraham’s Offering of Isaac.
July—Jacob’s Ladder.
August—Moses and the Burning Bush.
September—Moses, Aaron, and the Tabernacle of Witness.
October—The Bronze Serpent Made by Moses.
November—Jonah and the Big Fish.
December—The Three Holy Youths in the Furnace.

Evidently the liturgical aspect of this calendar is going to be of a Byzantine focus, though it at very least follows the Gregorian calendar. Certainly this would be a good calendar for Eastern Christian, but even for Western Christians it seems to me this might be a very nice calendar to have in your home, particularly as it might help you to both familiarize yourself moreso with Christian East, while also bringing to mind the whole matter of the Old Testament and typology.

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