Thursday, September 13, 2012

Portable Altar Cards from SPORCH

The following brief summary/review was sent in of a set of portable altar cards which some of you will already know about, but which I am sure many clergy -- and even Masters of Ceremonies -- will certainly find useful and of interest if you haven't heard of it already.

That said, even if you had, I was particularly interested to learn that a set of similar portable altar cards for requiem Masses is in development, and further that a set for the Dominican rite has also been developed.

* * *

The Society for the Preservation of Roman Catholic Heritage (SPORCH) has developed an extremely convenient and well-made set of portable altar cards that are perfect for a priest’s Mass kit, or for setting up on a side altar.

The package folds open; the two cards for the Gospel and Epistle sides are detached, and the center card opens like a triptych. Included is a card with vesting prayers and, on the flip side, the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar. Prayers After Mass in Latin & English are been added, vesting prayers have been developed along with a Dominican Rite set.

Accent marks for pronunciation of the Latin are available.

The vesting prayers/prayers at the foot of altar card is fairly flexible, but it is laminated. It should be durable. What you see in gold is a velcro tab that holds the package closed.

The entire product is very thin, very light and very convenient.

Look for a Requiem set and other items being developed soon.

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