Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Pope: Importance of the Mass in Priestly Life and Mission

This past Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI ordained nine men coming from the various Roman seminaries. In the course of this, the Pope offered the following thoughts (as summarized and quoted by VIS) about the important links between the priestly mission and the celebration of the Mass [NLM emphases]:

Benedict XVI also mentioned the formula used at the moment of consigning the bread and wine to the new priests: "Receive the offer of the holy people for the Eucharistic sacrifice. Understand what you do, imitate what you administer; conform your life to the mystery of the cross of Christ the Lord". These words, he said, "underline the fact that, for priests, celebrating Mass every day does not mean merely undertaking a ritual function, but accomplishing a mission which involves all of existence, in communion with the risen Christ Who continues to enact the redeeming sacrifice in His Church".

The Holy Father went on to note that "Eucharistic and sacrificial aspects are inseparable from the pastoral aspect, of which they are the nucleus of truth and salvific strength upon which the effectiveness of all activity depends. ... The preaching, works and other activities which the Church carries out with her many initiatives would lose their salvific fruitfulness if the celebration of Christ's sacrifice were lacking. This celebration is entrusted to ordained priests. ... Only through the 'door' of the Paschal sacrifice can men and women of all times and places enter eternal life. It is through this 'holy path' that they can make the exodus which leads them to the 'promised land' of true freedom, to the 'green fields' of endless peace and joy.

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