Wednesday, May 09, 2012

FSSP in Ottawa Moving to Historic St. Anne's

Back in early March of this year, we brought to our readers attention the story of the possible move of the FSSP church in Ottawa, St. Clement's, to the historic French-Canadian church of St. Anne: The New FSSP Church in Ottawa?

We are pleased to be able to provide an update on this.

It has been officially announced by the Archdiocese of Ottawa that this move is in fact occurring. From the press release:

Fr. Philip Creurer, FSSP, pastor of St. Clement’s, said: “As parish priest, I have accepted their recommendation and now present before Archbishop Terrence Prendergast our decision to move St. Clement Parish to Ste-Anne church. On behalf of parishioners, I thank Archbishop Prendergast for his pastoral concern in offering this historic and beautiful church to our parish”.

Archbishop Prendergast commented: "I am very grateful to Fr. Creurer and the parishioners of St. Clement for this decision which is a step in faith. I share the joy of many in our Catholic community in knowing that Ste-Anne church, which is one of the patrimonial gems of our archdiocese, will continue to be a vibrant and living witness of our faith."

In addition, the Ottawa Citizen carries an article on the move: With Latin mass, a parish secures its future by drawing from the past.

They report that the first Mass will be held in the church on June 3rd.

Photograph by: Kelly Egan, The Ottawa Citizen

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