Thursday, May 24, 2012

Other Modern? Christ the King Cathedral, Johannesburg

Normally as part of our Other Modern series, when we've featured entire churches they have often shown an Art Nouveau or Art Deco influence, or if not that, then at least something in a similar vein. (Our considerations of particular liturgical arts has perhaps been a bit more broad yet.)

For this particular post, I wanted to open up the discussion to our readers, because it falls into a slightly different genre than we have shown before. The question I would ask of our readers is this: is this, in your own estimation, also an example of the "Other Modern"?

Please let me be clear: I am not asking you whether this is your own preferred style, nor whether you like other styles better, nor even whether this is to your own personal taste. What I am asking is whether you think this particular example carries the various qualities that give an example of modernity that is in continuity with our tradition, and which is well suited to the sacred liturgy?

Now, I know what my own thoughts are, but I thought it would be interesting to hear yours without expressing mine.

In view of that, please use the comments -- and please, try as best you can to give your reasoning.

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