Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wyoming Catholic College Seeks Full-Time OF/EF Chaplain

It is a rather encouraging thing to hear from Catholic liberal arts colleges when they are looking for a chaplain these days. (It is something I've heard from a few different academic institutions recently.) The reason I say this is because of the solid trend I have been observing insofar as these colleges are choosing "the Benedictine way" or what we might call "a Benedict XVI priest." What do I mean by that? I mean a priest of the new liturgical movement who is interested in celebrating both forms of the Roman liturgy, celebrating them well and in continuity with the fullness of our Latin rite patrimony and tradition.

For myself, this is encouraging on three fronts. First, the simple fact of it. Second, it shows the orientation of a college and shows that in their concern for sound academics, philosophical and theological formation, the sacred liturgy (the source and the summit) has not been forgotten or neglected; in short, liturgical formation is also given its rightful place as well. Lastly, it is encouraging because it is precisely offering that exposure and this formation to bright young Catholic minds and future Catholic leaders. That can only bode well for the future.

At any rate, what raises all of this was a recent note I received from Wyoming Catholic College, a liberal arts college in the American midwest, who are looking for just such a chaplain: [NLM emphasis]:

Wyoming Catholic College in Lander, Wyoming, seeks a priest of orthodox faith to care for souls at our growing institution. We are a Great Books liberal arts college with an outdoor leadership component. Our Fall 2011 enrollment was 120, taught by 16 full-time faculty.

The chaplain’s duties include offering daily Mass, hearing confessions, conducting spiritual direction, presiding at Benediction, and leading other devotions from time to time. Wyoming Catholic College places at the center of its campus life the worthy celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in both Forms of the Roman Rite. In keeping with the teaching and example of Pope Benedict XVI, liturgies and devotions are celebrated in a manner that stresses continuity with Tradition. Treasures such as the Latin language and Gregorian chant are well appreciated and widely employed. Ability to celebrate in the Extraordinary Form, or a willingness to learn via a workshop, is a definite plus.

The candidate for chaplain must agree with the mission of Wyoming Catholic College as articulated in the Philosophical Vision Statement and Catalog. To serve this community well, he should be energetic in working with young people, ready to preach in a way pertinent to students’ needs, and comfortable with offering spiritual direction. Ideally he should be enthusiastic about outdoor activities and, if possible, take part in them from time to time.

If interested, please contact Fr. Robert Cook, President, at 877-332-2930 or Please visit our website to download the above-mentioned materials.

If you are a priest and are interested, I would encourage you to consider applying. It is a fine institution.

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