Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Schedules: You Post

As always, times of the liturgical year like these see numerous requests for NLM to publish Mass schedules. Of course, it would be impossible for us to publish all of them. However, as usual, I want to open the combox up for readers to publish and share their parish Christmas schedules.

Please give any information you can as to the place, the times, please specify the form (OF/EF); if you're planning on the celebration of Vespers we'd obviously all love to hear about that also.

A Note About Christmas Photos: Readers are more than welcome to send in photos from their Christmas liturgies, which we will publish within the period of the Christmas octave. Accordingly, if you want your parish photos to be considered, please send them in ASAP. After the octave, its rather unlikely that we will publish them, barring something quite exceptional or unique.

* * *

To kick things off, here is the Christmas schedule of Ss. Trinita in Rome:

Parrocchia SS. Trinità dei Pellegrini.
Santo Natale 2011

24 Dicembre

Ore 7.30 Canto di Prima con la Calenda del S. Natale (S. Messa cantata nella Vigilia della Natività di N.S.G.C.)
Ore 17.30 Solenne Canto dei Primi Vesperi della Natività.
Ore 22.00 Canto del Mattutino della Natività di N.S.G.C.


Ore 00.00 Prima S. Messa solenne del S. Natale ( Messa di Mezzanotte)
Ore 9.00 Seconda S. Messa bassa del S. Natale (Messa dell’aurora)
Ore 10.30 Terza S. Messa solenne del S. Natale (Messa del Giorno)
Ore 17.30 Solenne Canto dei Secondi Vesperi della Natività
Ore 18.30 S. Messa bassa.

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