Friday, September 09, 2011

OF Propers for the 24th Sunday of the Year

Here are the propers for the 24th Sunday of the year, which apply to this coming Sunday in the ordinary form calendar. You can see that these propers from the Simple English Propers follow the modal structure of the Gregorian original. If you know those chants, you can recognized the structure in these re-creations that are especially designed for English and for ease of singing. These provide excellent training for musicians and also add solemnity and beauty to the liturgical action. Again, most musicians serving in the ordinary form are surprised to learn that there are appointed texts to be sung, and that to replace such texts with a hymn of any style really does amount to adding a trope to the Mass structure, which is to say that while doing so is not forbidden, such tropes really do amount to an elaboration on the core music of Mass.

It is worth noting that the entrance text here, which relates to the Gospel reading concerning the forgiveness of debts, deals with a theme that is particularly appropriate for the tenth anniversary of events of 9-11-2001. You can hear the Gregorian original of Da Pacem here.

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