Thursday, September 01, 2011

Council and Continuity: The Interim Missals and the Immediate Post-Conciliar Liturgical Reform

Here is a very interesting conference which one of our readers told us about some while ago, and which I was only recently reminded of again.

In brief:
An international liturgical Symposium, “Council and Continuity: The Interim Missals and the Immediate Post-Conciliar Liturgical Reform,” to be held October 3-4, 2011 at the Pastoral Center of the Diocese of Phoenix, will delve into the question of the little known “Interim Missals,” that is, those editions of the Roman Missals issued between the time of Sancrosanctum Concilium and the definitive edition of the Roman Missal promulgated by Pope Paul VI in 1970. Given their immediate proximity to the Second Vatican Council, these Missals can provide a valuable means to gaining insights into the mindset of the Council Fathers and what they had envisioned in setting the course for liturgical reform. The goal of the Symposium is to arrive at a deeper and clearer understanding of this vision through an examination of these Interim Missals.
The symposium will be of interest to scholars, priests, deacons and lay liturgical ministers, to those who teach, plan or coordinate liturgies whether professionally or as volunteers, and to anyone who has a particular love for the Church’s Liturgy and desire to learn more about it.
In short, we have a conference that is going to look at the subject of the so-called "1965 Missal", or in other words, the 1965 revision of the Ordo Missae -- something long overdue for more serious study and consideration in my estimation.

Bishop Thomas Olmsted will be present at the conference, as will Bishop Peter Elliott and Bishop Salvatore Cordileone -- who will also offer Vespers.

Papers will include:
  • "Liturgy – Continuity or Rupture? Possibilities for Further Liturgical Development and Its Pastoral Relevance" – Bishop Peter Elliott
  • "The Historical Development of the Mass from its Origins to Sacrosanctum Concilium" – Prof. Dr. H.-J. Feulner
  • "The Historical Development of the Mass from Sacrosanctum Concilium to the Present" – Prof. D. Martis
  • "The Latin-English Missals of 1964/66 (US)" – A. Bieringer
  • "The Liturgical Renewal and the Ordo Missae (1965) – Rev. Deacon Prof. Dr. H. Hoping
  • "Church Architec­ture: Understanding 'Inter Oecumenici' in the Context of the Liturgical Movement" – Denis McNamara
  • "The Development and Application of English Sacred Language Through the Post-Conciliar Interim Missals" – Th. Book
  • "The Origin of the Latin-German Missal of 1965" – A. Kaiser
  • "Catholic Continuity – How to Make the Church Year a Living Reality" – C.F. Phillips, C.R.
  • "The Propers of the Mass: Then and Now" – Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, O.S.B.
  • "The Latin-Polish Missal of 1968" – A. Hoinkis
  • "The Book of Divine Worship: A Catholic Claim to Anglican Patrimony" – Fr. Christopher G. Phillips
  • "The New Lectionary for Mass: The Church‘s Preparation of the Table of God‘s Word Since the Council" – Michael K. Magee
You may register here if you are interested in attending the conference.

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