Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Forgotten Master Sculptor of the High Renaissance

Antonio Begarelli was an Italian sculptor of the 16th century whose main medium was terracotta. Begarelli's work is found mostly in the Modena region of northern Italy. He is one of a number of artists who is not well known today because his work does not feature highly in the great museums of Europe and America, but nevertheless who is worth highlighting.

Matthew James Collins, who was my teacher when I was studying portrait painting and the academic method in Florence) has written a series of articles about lesser known Masters of the High Renaissance and Baroque periods for my Way of Beauty blog and this is the first one. It is interesting to me not only because of the information about art and artist it highlights, but also Matt's insights on how the technique of creating work in terracotta. An excellent artist himself, Matt is an American who lives and works in southern Italy.

The rest of his article (along with contact details about Matt) can be found here.

The images shown here are, from top: St John the Baptist, a Madonna; and his Deposition.

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