Thursday, August 04, 2011

Further Examples of the Other Modern in Vestment Work

On occasion, we have shown a few examples of "Other Modern" work in the area of vestments. Specifically I would point you to Jugendstil Vestments from Klosterneuburg, The Other Modern: An Art Deco Chasuble and the following image of a Jugendstil chasuble.

Today, I wished to show two other examples.

The first is a set which includes some very interesting elements and some interesting history as well. It forms a part of a High Mass set which we speculate to be the work of Valentine KilBride (1897-1982) of the Ditchling based Guild of St. Joseph and St. Dominic -- whose most famous member was Eric Gill.

The vestments are made of handwoven silk with stencilled orphreys -- and indeed, it is the design of the orphreys which particularly interest me. (The following are all details of photos by Br. Lawrence Lew.)

Here is the dalmatic:

Some details of the stenciled designs.

The design of the peacocks are particularly appealing, and are of course rooted in early Christian symbolism tied to immortality and the Resurrection. The deer would certainly seem to come in reference to a verse of Psalm 42, "Like the deer that yearns for running stream, so my soul is yearning for You, my God."

The particular colours used make for quite a striking combination when taken in the overall context of the entire vestment.

* * *

The second set I wished to show today are a set you've seen on and off over the years here, but which we've never shown in close detail. They are from the monastery of Le Barroux.

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