Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dominican rite news from Leicester

Relic of the True Cross

The Dominican Priory of the Holy Cross in Leicester (U.K.) will celebrate a votive Mass of the Exaltation of the Cross on Saturday 10th September at 2pm. This will be a Dominican rite 'Missa Maior' (High Mass), and it is believed to be the first such celebration at the priory since the 1960s.

In related news, the friars of that priory have produced a booklet containing the Ordinary of the Dominican rite to help those who are able to assist at Mass daily in this rite. The booklet is available via Lulu.

The photo on the right shows the relic of the True Cross in its reliquary. The relic comes from Bornhem in the Spanish Netherlands to which the Dominicans had fled after the English 'Reformation'. When the friars returned to England in the 18th-century, this relic came with them. They established a priory at Leicester where this relic of the holy Cross is still venerated.

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