Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Some Topics to Explore on NLM in 2011: Reader Contributions Requested

The beginning of a new year presents a good opportunity to raise some topics of interest for the NLM this year -- taken in addition to all of our usual topical focuses of course. I wished to mention some of these publicly in view of encouraging our readers to consider sending in photos, news items, as well as proposing guest articles for consideration. After all, our readers are one of the very best resources we have.

With that in mind, here are a few topics I hope to see explored in greater depth this year (in no particular order).

Living a Liturgical Life / Customs of the "Domestic Church" (Here I would be specifically interested in hearing from our readers about how they incarnate the liturgy and the customs of the liturgical year in their day to day lives or examples of the particular customs they follow which are associated with the liturgical year. Send in your stories, your ideas and your photos.)

Noble Simplicity / Noble Beauty (In this instance, I am specifically interested in photos of churches and other liturgical arts which you believe might incarnate this idea.)

Mutual Enrichment (Theoretical considerations of what that might mean in the future and practical examples of how this is being, can be, or might be manifest today.)

In Utroque Usu (The pursuit of the two forms of the Roman liturgy; particularly though, I would like more stories and photos of the OF and its ongoing re-enchantment as part of this.)

Monastic Aspects of the Early 20th century Liturgical Movement (I have mentioned this topic quite recently, and it continues to be a subject of interest.)

Eastern Christian Liturgical Life and Customs (We have various Eastern Catholic readers. Do send in photos and news of your own liturgical events, as well as guest pieces related to Eastern liturgical history, theology and customs attached to the liturgical year. I remain committed to the idea that the Christian East needs more frequent representation here.)

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