Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Masses on the Feast of St. Ildefonso, Toledo

The Spanish blog Santa Maria Reina has some video up of a Missa Cantata (Roman rite) at the Iglesia del Salvador in Toledo on January 23rd, the feast of St. Ildefonso, the patron of the archdiocese of Toledo.

Regarding the music, they comment:

The chant of the variable parts of the Mass was taken from "Cantoral 23.3 (A)" of the eighteenth century, preserved in the Cathedral Chapter of Toledo. A pre Solesmes-restoration form of Gregorian which possibly had its origin in the simplification of the song which was made after the Council of Trent.

Here is one of the videos.

They also mention that a Pontifical Mass was celebrated in the Hispano-Mozarabic rite -- as the question will likely be asked, this would almost certainly be in accordance with the post-conciliar Mozarabic books published in 1991 -- by Archbishop Braulio Rodríguez Plaza, archbishop of Toledo and primate of Spain earlier this same day in the Cathedral of Toledo. (Any reader who may have photos from this year's Mass, please contact us. Here are some images of the same Mass last year.)

The website of the Archdiocese of Toledo further reports that, following this Mass, a portrait of Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, prefect of the CDW and former archbishop of Toledo, was presented and placed alongside the other portraits of the archbishops of Toledo.

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