Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tradition and Technology: iMass Expands to iPad

In the latter part of August, we mentioned that a FSSP parish in Florida had released an iMass video on demand application for iPhone and iPod Touch devices which allows those unable to attend Mass in the usus antiquior (or Mass period for that matter, whatever form) to at least do so digitally.

iPad users will be delighted to know that, as of yesterday, "iMass HD" made an appearance in the iTunes store. iMass HD reformats the iMass application to fit the larger screen of the iPad.

Incidentally, for those who do not have iPhones, iPads or iTouch's, you can also visit to watch the Mass.

For those interested in some statistics, the website has 45,000 visitors each week who tune in to watch the daily Mass in the usus antiquior. As for the iMass application, since its inception in the latter part of the summer, more than one thousand people have paid to subscribe to the service.

The creators of the application tell the NLM that many letters of gratitude have been received from people who are now able to unite themselves to the Mass of the day on the bus ride home from work, or at the coffee shop during their lunch break, and so many other scenarios.

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