Thursday, November 18, 2010

More from the Watts Book of Embroidery

A couple of months ago I had mentioned The Watts Book of Embroidery. I was looking through this book recently and was quite impressed by some of the vestment and frontal work that is shown within this volume.

Here, for instance, are three examples (the photo quality does not do the quality of the book justice I should note):

Solemn Mass set designed by J.L. Davenport for Downside Abbey, c. 1900

Cope designed and executed by Watts for the coronation of Edward VII in 1901

Detail of frontal made by the Leek Embroidery Society in 1897 and designed by Richard Norman Shaw

For anyone interested in the vestment arts, and qualitative vestments at the service of the sacred liturgy, I would certainly recommend this book.

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