Wednesday, November 03, 2010

More From Bishop Slattery on the Sacred Liturgy: Recovering the Sung Introit and Looking to the New English Missal

Earlier in October we noted that the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic had published part of an address given by Bishop Edward J. Slattery on the subject of the sacred liturgy to the students of Thomas Aquinas College. In that article, Bishop Slattery considered the hermeneutic of discontinuity.

The second part of that article has now been published in the current issue of the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic.

Sacred music enthusiasts -- and particularly those who have rightly worked so hard to promote the chanted Propers of the Mass -- might be particularly interested in some of what Bishop Slattery has to say in this current excerpt. Case in point:

Today, I would like to suggest one simple change by which we might being to recover the sense that the liturgy is something we receive, rather than something we create. I do not propose this as the most important or essential change toward this end, but merely as one change, one step, one movement away from the chaos of created liturgies toward the proper vision of the council.

What I would like to propose is that we recover the sung introit...

Read the entire piece in the online, November 2010 edition of the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic.

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