Monday, November 29, 2010

President for Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity Calls for Re-Approach to Second Vatican Council

John and Lucy Ambs have a mailing list which occasionally sends out various news items of Catholic interest -- sadly I can give you no information at this time as to how to subscribe to their mailing list, but perhaps they can speak up in the comments. They recently noticed the following piece in the latest news section of The Tablet for November 26, 2010:

Koch urges rethink of post-Vatican II reforms
26 November 2010

The course of the Second Vatican Council must be corrected and the 1970 liturgical reform must itself be reformed if justice is to be done to the Council, Cardinal Kurt Koch, the new head of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity has said. In the public domain, Vatican II had usually been presented as a break with church tradition but this interpretation was only possible because the Council declarations had been read selectively and not taken as a whole, Cardinal Koch told the Austrian Catholic online news service on 19 November.

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