Saturday, January 13, 2024

Christendom College Now Offering A Liturgical Music Track

In service to sacred music as the highest of the liturgical arts, Christendom College now offers a track in liturgical music within the theology major. Students choosing this track will gain an understanding of the Church’s official theology of sacred music, come to appreciate music itself as a liberal art, and receive rigorous training in the practical execution of liturgical music.

Christendom’s liturgical music track comprises twenty-eight credits, including music electives, practica, a Gregorian chant course, and the senior thesis/recital. The greatest substantial difference between this program and more standard liberal arts degrees in music is that Christendom students receive thorough training in Catholic theology, from highly-regarded faculty committed to Catholic orthodoxy. This theological formation is indispensable for today’s Catholic musician who wishes to understand the Church’s teachings on the liturgy and liturgical music – especially music for the Mass as “the source and summit of the Chirstian life.”

Potential students are invited to be a part of the beautiful liturgical music within the new Christ the King Chapel, which houses a stupendous recently completed four-manual Kegg organ!
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