Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Art Participates in God’s Governance—Bradley Elliott, O.P.

Here is an excellent interview with Fr. Brad Elliott O.P., conducted by Thomas Mirus of CatholicCulture.org. Fr Elliott, a professional drummer turned Dominican friar, joins the Catholic Culture podcast to discuss his book The Shape of the Artistic Mind: A Search for the Metaphysical Link Between Art and Morals in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas. His book project began with the question 'What is the connection of the virtue of art, and the moral virtues?' 

I am not aware of anyone who as responded so deeply and precisely to this question, which has a direct impact on our work as Christians in the world - not just as artists. Themes include:
  • Man’s capacity to participate in God’s creative activity and governance of the world.
  • How human artistic activity not only imitates but enhance nature.
  • The combination of Aristotelian and neo-Platonic streams in St. Thomas’ theory of art.
  • How Aristotle redeemed the notion of nature from Plato, and Plotinus redeemed the notion of imitation from Plato.
  • Comparing the virtue of art to the mortal and speculative virtues.

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