Friday, April 07, 2023

Roman Sacrament Altars 2023

Many thanks to Fr Michael Baggot for sharing with us these pictures of some of the Sacrament Altar in various churches in Rome, where the tradition is still very much alive of honoring Our Lord on the night of Passion by decorating them as beautifully as possible. 

Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini
Saint Agnese in the Piazza Navona
San Luigi dei Francesi
Santa Maria sopra Minerva
Santa Caterina della Rota
The Martyrs’ Chapel at the Venerable English College
St Brigid in Piazza Farnese
Sant’ Andrea della Valle
This photo by another friend was taken at the church of the Pontifical Russian College, which is dedicated to St Anthony the Abbot. At Orthros of Good Friday in the Byzantine Rite, which is very often anticipated to the evening of Holy Thursday, Twelve Gospel readings (and a great many other things) are inserted into the normal order of the ceremony, and are read from this stand. For Vespers, a large solid table is set up on the platform, and at the end, the burial shroud of Christ is carried down from the altar and placed upon it.

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