Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Palm Sunday 2023 Photopost (Part 3)

The biggest difficulty in preparing these photoposts, (and the reason why I am, as usual, seriously behind schedule), is simply that we receive far more pictures than we can realistically hope to post. In order to do modicum of justice to the contributors, I have to go through the painful process of making a selection among too many beautiful images. This is a great problem to have, and it also means that there will be at least one more post of Palm Sunday, before we move on to the rest of Holy Week, so there is plenty of time for you send in more pictures if you have them to the usual address: We wish all our readers a most blessed Easter season - He is truly risen!

St Joseph Oratory at Our Lady of Częstochowa Shrine – Merrillville, Indiana (ICRSP)
Tradition will always be for the young!
Convent of St Dominic – Fiesole, Italy (Dominicans)
Notre Dame de Lourdes – Libreville, Gabon (ICRSP)
Mercy Chapel of Hope – Owensboro, Kentucky
Oratory of St Mary – Wausau, Wisconsin (ICRSP)
The calm...
before the storm!
Our Lady of Mt Carmel – Covington, Louisiana

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