Monday, August 29, 2022

Announcing a New Facsimile Edition of the Deluxe Desclée Clementine Vulgate

We are pleased to announce Church Latin Publishing Co.’s facsimile edition of a 121-year-old Latin Vulgate Bible (Clementine Edition). An excerpt from the “Editor to the Reader” of this bible perfectly summarizes both the reasons it was originally published and why we have labored to bring it back into print:

“May, finally, this edition of the Sacred Bible be published, and may it bear exceedingly rich fruits of knowledge and piety; we humbly pray that St. John the Evangelist, our great patron, who drew his stream of divine eloquence from the sacred font itself of the Lord’s breast and, inebriated with the grace of the Holy Ghost, more deeply revealed to others the hidden things of Divinity, might obtain these results for us through his kind intercession with the most sacred Heart of Jesus.”

In our present day, traditional Catholic worship and devotion are under attack. This reprint of the Latin Vulgate Bible is both a testimony to Catholic Tradition and a living archive of Catholic scriptural literacy. It also pays homage to the authority of the Clementine text and is a tribute to the lost art of more elegant religious and liturgical typesetting and printing. This Vulgate bible is a true icon of Catholic history; the interior text and images were described by a reviewer as “a modern adaptation of a medieval manuscript.”

It is presented in a case wrap hardcover format with a few added features such as enhanced images of the original color maps and two ribbon markers (one can see lots more images at the publisher’s website). At 6” x 9”, the size is neither too large for easy transport nor too small for easy reading. It can be ordered from for $59.99. A full write-up explaining all of the contents and features can be found there as well.

I recommend a visit to the website, which is full of fascinating and informative things about Desclée the publisher, the Vulgate edition, and this particular project, which was years in the making.

Plenty more pictures at the publisher's page.

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