Friday, February 25, 2022

“Such a Beautiful Voice Comes from the Heart”

Last week, I posted two videos of people from India reacting to Western music that they had never heard before, which is apparently a rather popular subgenre of reality television in that country. One of the pieces they heard was the Dies Irae in Gregorian chant, and the other was a Greek chant, and I found it very beautiful to see how these fellows immediately appreciated the value of praying with such music. Better late than never, YouTube’s suggestion algorithm (which normally has so many bizarrely counter-intuitive ideas) finally got around to recommending this, in which the same three gentlemen react to Allegri’s Miserere, and much as one would expect, are profoundly moved by it.

Note particularly that Babu, the older gentleman on the right, says that he would like to thank God for the chance to hear such an old piece of music before it is even played, while Raeen, the fellow on the left, asks “what can be more respectful” than preserving a 450-year old piece of music? What indeed...?

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