Saturday, February 26, 2022

Pictures of an IBP Ordination in Brazil

On Saturday, February 19, His Excellency Dom Fernando Guimarães, C.Ss.R, Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Brazil, ordained Thiago de Oliveira Pino, a member of the Institute of the Good Shepherd, to the priesthood at the chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows in Brasília. The Mass was a votive of the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary, during which choir sang Palestrina’s Missa brevis and various motets by the same author such as the Sicut Cervus, as well as the Pange Lingua by the Brazilian Friar Jesuíno do Monte Carmelo. NLM is very happy to offer warmest congratulations to the newly ordained priests and to his family, as well as to the Institute, and likewise, our thanks to Dom Guimarães for his pastoral solicitude on behalf of the Institute and the faithful who follow the traditional liturgy. Let us remember to thank God for all the blessings and mercies He gives us through the ministry of the priesthood, for the families in whom religious vocations are born and fostered, to pray for their increase, and for all of our bishops and clergy.
Tradition will always be for the young!
The recitation of the Introit and Kyrie.
One of the bows during the Gloria.
The Mass is interrupted for the ordination before the final verse of the Tract. By custom, the bishop may preach a brief sermon before the ordination proper begins.
The ordinand comes forward and kneels before the bishop, who reads out a sermon on the duties of the priestly office from the Pontifical.
The Litany of the Saints is sung, led by two cantors who kneel at the entrance to the sanctuary; the ordinand prostrates himself, while all others kneel.

Towards the end of the Litany, the bishop rises, receives the crook and miter, then turns to the ordinand, and sings the invocations, “That Thou may deign to bless this chosen one. - That Thou may deign to bless and sanctify this chosen one. - That Thou may deign to bless , sanctify and consecrate this chosen one.”, making the sign of the Cross over him where I have put the sign.

The imposition of the bishop’s hand, the moment of ordination.
All the priests present in turn lay their hands on the head of the newly-ordained, then keep their hands raised until this part of the rite is finished.

The bishop rearranges the new priest’s stole, changing it from the diaconal arrangement to the priestly one, and then clothes him with the chasuble. The back of the chasuble is left pinned up until the end of the ceremony. The Veni, Creator Spiritus is then sung, while the bishops anoints the priest’s hands.

I am sure our readers are already familiar with the custom, which is not formally a part of the rite, that once the ritual is complete, the presents the manuterge with which his hands were bound to his mother. It is a long-standing tradition that when a priest’s mother dies, she is buried with the cloth between her hands, to symbolize that she gave a priest to God, and will be rewarded for this in heaven.
The Mass continues with the singing of the Gospel.
Before the Offertory begins, the newly ordained priest comes forward and gives the candle which he had carried in and held for the first part of the ceremony to the bishop.
The newly ordained priest concelebrates Mass with the bishop, kneeling at a small desk with a Missal on it; he is traditionally accompanied by an older priest to help him through the ceremony.

The Kiss of Peace between the bishop and the ordinand.
The new priest receives Communion from the bishop.
Towards the end of the ceremony, the new priest’s chauble is unpinned by the bishop, as a symbol that he has been released to the exercise of his priestly ministry.
The priest then pledges obedience to the bishop and his successors. 
The blessing of the new priest, before the mass resume with the Post-Communion.
The Pontifical blessing at the end of Mass.
The Te Deum said in thanksgiving for the new priest.
The new priest offers his blessing to the bishop...
and to his family.

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