Thursday, February 17, 2022

A New Gregorian Chant Course

We are happy to share this press release from Mr Christopher Jasper, via his new website.

For the past year I have been working on my YouTube channel “Gregorian Chant Academy”, but have now finally published a website for it:
Currently it serves two main functions: first, as a place where people can purchase the chant recordings I make for the YouTube channel; and second, as a place where people can register for a new, interactive, immersive yet personal online chant course that I am launching, beginning next month on March 12, feast of St Gregory the Great. If you know of anyone who may be interested, or can help spread the message in any way, I would greatly appreciate it. Space limited to 12, 10 seats remaining. Next course will begin on April 18, Easter Monday.
A New Way of Learning Gregorian Chant
This new, interactive course takes place within a new app (for desktop and phone) called “Volley.” It’s like text messaging but with video! You can learn more about the app here:
What normally take years and thousands of dollars to learn, can now be learned in months, at a fraction of the cost, from the comfort of your own home (or on the go) and on your own schedule! With 8 modules broken down into multiple tutorials (see the list below), this new course is will take you from 0 - 100, from knowing next to nothing about chant to possessing the knowledge and skills to sing or direct with depth of understanding and precision.
Subjects include:
History and Liturgy of the Chant
Square Notation
Solesmes Method
Conducting and Interpretation
Vocal training for Chant

“Mid-term” and “Final” live chant rehearsals via Zoom; for more information, visit the Course page on the Academy website here: Online Chant Master-Course

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