Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Liturgical Movement Between Two Centuries: Live Discussion Tomorrow

In his allocution to the Assisi Liturgical Congress in 1956, Pope Pius XII said, among other things, “The liturgical movement is thus shown forth as a sign of the providential dispositions of God for the present time, of the movement of the Holy Ghost in the Church, to draw men more closely to the mysteries of the faith and the riches of grace which flow from the active participation of the faithful in the liturgical life.”

But how we should evaluate the liturgical movement today? Tomorrow, beginning at 9pm Eastern time, musician and author Aurelio Porfiri will host a discussion of this topic with Fr Thomas Kocik, author of “Singing His Song: A Short Introduction to the Liturgical Movement”, Fr Paul Gunter OSB, professor at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute of Rome, and Chris Carstens, editor of Adoremus. The program will be streamed on various social media channels, including the YouTube channel RITORNO A ITACA (, Maestro Porfiri’s Facebook page ( and Twitter account (

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