Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Beautiful New Liturgical Calendar Posters from Sophia Press

We are very glad to share this press release from Sophia Institute Press about their wonderful new illustrated liturgical calendars in poster form. Those currently available to order are for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and the time after Epiphany; more will be coming out in the future for the rest of the liturgical year. Dr Kwasniewski recently reviewed them for Rorate Caeli.

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old expression says, and writers and storytellers know that it is better to show than tell. Sophia Institute Press is thus presenting “The Illustrated Liturgical Year Calendar.” These new posters are an important resource for parishes, classes, and families to envision the true meaning of Church seasons and feasts. Michaela Harrison, a mother, artist, and Benedictine oblate, along with her husband and two sisters, designed this set of fully illustrated calendar posters, that follow the traditional liturgical calendar. The calendar posters may be ordered as a seasonal set or one-year subscription.

(The full poster for Advent; click to enlarge. Each day of the week has a Saint or an illustration pertinent to the season; the artists have been clever about making sure all the relevant liturgical information is included in its appropriate place.)
(Detail of the first week of Advent)
(The First Sunday)
Richly colored, ornate illustrations convey stories surrounding Advent, Christ’s birth, and the Epiphany to Candlemas Day. These alluring and authentic renditions exhibit the joy of the liturgical seasons and the rich history of the Church. “The Illustrated Liturgical Year Calendar” is also a conversation piece that serves to attract others to the Faith. Each calendar poster includes charming classical artwork and beautiful detailed images of the Holy Family, saints, families, and children. Scenes and words in the calendar posters reflect how Sacred Scripture is fulfilled in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. They also include biblical quotes, themes from the breviary and Dom Gueranger’s “The Liturgical Year,” key inspirational teachings, Latin titles and short prayers.
(Christmas to the vigil of the Epiphany)
(Epiphany part 1, from the feast to the end of the second week)
(The third, fourth and fifth weeks after Epiphany)
Amidst the unfolding of the seasons, these wall hangings help reorient families from a calendar month mindset to that of silent wonder about holy days and heroes of the Church. “The Illustrated Liturgical Year Calendar” also revives mysteries of the ancient Roman liturgy of the Church. The calendar posters feature symbols of the faith, traditional customs for the feasts, and proper colors of priest vestments while helping families rediscover ember, rogation, feria days, and octaves. The Lenten posters feature the cross, and the seven weeks of Easter are presented so that they may be viewed together on one poster. These calendar posters are unique and comprehensive works of art that provide an avenue for learning about the Faith and sharing it with others.

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