Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Photopost Follow-Up: Home Chapels

Since last weeks photopost of home chapel and prayer corners, etc., we have had a few late submissions, which we are glad to share, with our thanks to everyone who sent them in. UPDATE: two more late entries have just been added.
Dan Hunter – North Carolina
Dcn James Agnew – Albany, New York 
Marc Fisher – Westminster, Maryland
Courtesy of a reader
The statue of the Virgin of Sorrows had a Roman coin in her hand, as if She were asking if the life of Her Son were really a thing of so little value.
Christmas decorations
Part of the reader’s icon collection.
A statue of St Lawrence, Patron Saint of cooks, in the kitchen.
Potestivo Family – Salisbury, North Carolina
Bridget Touhey – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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