Thursday, October 21, 2021

Home Altars etc. by M.A.M. Woodworking

Pursuant to our recent articles about home altars and oratories, we received the following pictures from Mr Matthew Manoni of M.A.M. Woodworking ( in Stratford, Connecticut, who makes altars, shrines for home enthronement to the Sacred Heart, and other pieces for home chapels. He has recently teamed up with master carpenter Phil DeFelice, who has done work for a good number of churches and homes; the first seven items here are from Mr Manoni’s website, the altars below them are by Mr DeFelice.

Tenebrae hearse
A home shrine for the enthronement of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart. (This was made by Mr Manoni from an idea of Mr DeFelice, to whom he gives all the credit.)
An outdoor Station of the Cross
sacristy cupboard
Frames for altar cards
Altars by Phil DeFelice

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